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invincible's. then we will have someone from california to talk about immigration. pardon me. weekends,w, on the "book tv" is on c-span two. will be featuring helena, montana. we have local content. we go on the road and visit with cities throughout the nation and learn the literary history. you will see those segments this weekend on "book tv" and tv." here istory a portion. citiess one of the few on our preconceived the spires of the cathedral and not have people fighting with each other. cathedralres of the and minarets and not have people fighting with each other between the two places. government. people understand and appreciate what government can do and cannot do. they know what it does well and what it does not do well. we have a lot of young families and people who love to mountain bike and ski or walk on trails. they kayak in the summer. it is a very active population. the biggest of expansion of this town since the statehood in 1889 -- we have struggled over these last 10 or 15 years to maintain the quality of life in small-town feeling and intimacy that people have around
the week to discuss further amendments and other topics like replacing our broken immigration system of the more disappointingly the little light workload this week of a day and a half is emblematic of how the next two months are calendar for this house of representatives. there's only 19 days left of work for this house before the end of the year. the house is only in session for 2 1/2 days before we recess in a week. again, i think that the american people expect and demand a minimum 40-hour workweek from the people that they hired to represent them here in washington. i think most people of this country have more than 19 days that they have to work in november and december. that's two full months. november and december. and yet we only have 19 days over that two-month period that this body will be in session. and yet there are critical issues that the american people are demanding that we act on. as an example today is the 302nd day of 2013 that we have failed to bring to the floor a comprehensive immigration reform bill. time is running short. and the need for a comprehensive imm
back away from. he is one of the architects of the comprehensive immigration reform bill. he is on the record being quite angry at ted cruz and his ilk for the government shutdown. if you are him, if you are lindsey graham, how do you go out and win that primary in south carolina? >> well, chris, good evening. and first of all, before we talk about the primary in south carolina, let's just make sure we understand lindsey graham and his motives. i've known lindsey for years. he's a member of the united states armed services. he's been involved in security and military matters with passion and sincerity for many, many years. and to say, you know, his concern about benghazi is somehow a concoction around the south carolina primary, first of all, isn't true. it isn't the lindsey graham i know, and i don't think anybody who really knows him would say it's lacking in sincerity. and number two, if you were going to think about benghazi as a primary issue, you know, most of the tea party or many of them, libertarians or tea party types, are noninterventionists. lindsey tends to be in
-- for a more inclusive tone in the republican party. his book makes the case that immigration reform is vital to america's future, and also, it's the right thing to do. for governor bush, immigration isn't just a policy issue. it is part of his family's heritage, his wife of nearly 40 years, colombo, was born in mexico, and they are the proud parents of three children. his family is the new american family. the thing that really sets jeb bush apart is that he is a conservative that stands for something, not just against it. as jack kemp once said, our appeal of boundless opportunity crosses every barrier of geography, race, and belief. we may not get every vote, but we will speak to every heart. in word and action, we will represent our entire american family. each day, governor bush does just that. he looks ahead to what can be done to improve people's lives and preserve freedom, how we as a nation can grow our economy and strengthen our democracy, and how we can do it all by working together. that is a noble mission. it is one so deserving of recognition at any time, especially right now. t
. the d.c.'s current minimum wage is 8.25. >>> the farm bill and immigration on the agenda as congress heads back to work this week, but there are new deadlines looming for the budget and debt ceiling and those were both pushed back to early next year as part of the deal that ended the government shutdown earlier this month. >>> congress is up in our second round of frustration madness on and facing off against local political corruption. you might have noted we've had a bit of it in the last couple years. log on to tellwusa9. share your comments. >>> another weekend brings more glitches for folks hoping to learn more about their options under the affordable care act. >> i'm meterologist erica grow on the weather terrace. it was a pleasant day, but we have warmer temperatures in the forecast. unfortunately it comes with a price. i'll tell you about it coming up in the first alert seven- day. >> plus a quick cut-through getting a makeover, what you need to know gun without a background check.. ithe dangerously mentally ill. criminals. endangering our families. ken cuccinel
of immigrants into the united states. this group of women from europe visited the statue of liberty sunday and plans to visit ellis island today. >> all of the immigrants passed through there. it must have been emotional and scary and exciting. we would like to see it for ourselves. it would be love eto see it. >> reporter: a year ago, super storm sandy swamped the island with eight feet of water. the storm destroyed boilers and electrical systems and the water washed through the immigration museum. crews moved more than 1 million photographs to climate controlled facilities in maryland. the national park service says that they're still restoring the 27-acre property but for now visitors will be able to tour the main floor and the great hall of the museum, the area once crowded with immigrants. work will until on the island until at least the spring. >> and the island is reopening on announcement vertical passing shutdown and raise eof note. it is the 127th birthday of lady lib are tee. >>> a bomb threat at a movie theater caused evacuation of the building. they were allowed back inside af
can see the great haul, the first place immigrants saw arriving in the u.s. >> for more, let's go to john, who is on ellis island this morning. ellis island suffered terrible damage during sandy. how much of the facility will be open today for visitors? >> well, stephanie, good morning. it's a 27.5-acre site here. just to give you an indication of where we are actually sited, so you know, we're in the northern end of new york harbor. we'll get jimmy, our cameraman to pan over the financial district in manhattan. this site is most famous today for the american immigration museum, and tourists who do come here today for the first time in a year will see the famous halls and they'll see the big great hall where as tom was saying just now, immigrants got their first glance at the united states, and that famous staircase where immigrants were vetted by the doctors as they went up the staircase. the doctors was looking at them to see if they had diseased. many of them, 2% of the people who came here were sent home. what they won't see is the 1 million artifacts and documents they had to
. right after this was all over, the president said look, congress, the student immigration bill and a farm bill . they dropped the mic and left. you can see the tone is changing somewhat and that the expert nations and hopes are changing because we just got passed a major showdown in congress heard maybe people are worn down and actually ready to get something done. what do you think about this? the spending numbers that they're working off of so far different because the republicans in the house are working off a number that accounts for the sequester cuts happening. the democrats in the senate not so. as a result of that what you have is that they're looking for a sequester replacement. they're trying to find savings elsewhere in the budget now the savings can you be spending cuts or the closing of tax loopholes. these tax expenditures. either way, you're looking for ways to bridge the gap which is about $90 billion. but that might be some way to find ground in the middle. host: our guests joining us for discussion this morning. let's start off with rich who is joining us from
, let's do a budget, a farm bill, and immigration reform. he drops the mike and leaves. changingee the tone is so much and the expectations in the house are changing, because we just got passed a major showdown in congress, so maybe people are worn down and want to get something done. host: what does it do when it comes to the topic of sequester or sequestration cuts that are supposed to affect next year? guest: that is the key of this whole deal. the house and senate spending numbers they have been working off so far are different in large part because the house, the republicans in the house are working off a number that accounts for the sequester cuts having. the democrats in the senate, not so. as a result of that, what you have is they are looking for sequester replacement. they are trying to find savings elsewhere in the budget. these savings can either be spending cuts or this sort of closing of tax loopholes, these tax expenditures, and either way you are looking for some way to bridge the gap, it is about a $90 billion gap, so it is not easy. there might be some way to find
of the largest university systems in the country offering big money in financial aid to illegal immigrants? we will take a look at that with geraldo rivera. >> the nfl was correct when the commissioner goodell says the league should be listening to those offended by washington's use of racial slur. >> while calls are mounting for the washington redskins to change its names, the owner says he won't cave to political correctness. we have the inside information on or about on this growing controversy. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, everybody, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching under the circumstances tonight. let's get right to our top story. the obama carrollout taking another disastrous turn according to documents released by the house oversight committee only six people signed up for the healthcare law on its first day. that's right. six people. recent "saturday night live" skit mocking health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was spot on. >> millions of americans are visiting, wh
else. it helps -- it's helped the immigrant community. too often we find in houston, where we have a lot of immigrants from all over the world, that someone is in the united states, they are assaulted by someone else that's in the united states, both undocumented, and the batter tells the victim that if you call the police, i'm going to send you back to where you came from. now, he can't do that. but she thinks he can do that. and so she doesn't call the police. and this guy gets away with hurting her and plus she continues to be victimized. we changed that law because they can come forward, they can get a special visa, they can testify. they can get this person prosecuteded a he should. so it's a good people of legislation and we certainly need to be enforcing the rules under the law. people that i have come in contact with over the years have impacted me and of course many of those have been victims of crime, many of those victims of domestic violence. one that i met after i came here to congress was a wonderful lady that lives real close to us. he lives over in maryland. she's m
of the island, which welcomed millions of immigrants to america, reopened to the public. but the vast majority of the museum's artifacts, about 1 million, remained here. >> textiles. it's just a remarkable collection of personal objects that people left behind. >> reporter: some of the more sensitive objects have to be kept in this very, very cold storage vault. most of them are film projects you can see stored here on the vaults. >> this is a passenger list from 1902. >> reporter: sandraman's team showed us some of the document which showed immigrants arriving from the island. this book, signed by the turn of the century is signed by people visiting the statue of liberty. all of these will remain, until repairs and upgrades are completed at ellis island. sanderman is proud to be preserving this piece of history. >> we owe it to future and previous generations to protect and preserve these items. >> reporter: there is no exact window when those repairs will be completed. vic, back to you. >> okay, monique. thank you very much. also, there is no estimate for how much it will take to make the re
finally reopens to the public. but the historic site, where millions of immigrants entered the united states, still has not fully recovered from this storm. alison harmelin is on ellis island and has more for wjz. >> reporter: boats filled with tourists, returned to ellis island for the first time since super storm sandy slammed the historic site last october. jace and lisa chenko came from cleveland. >> my father passed away, about a month ago. it's kind of nice to trace the roots back to where he came through. and just -- where he first stepped footo this country. -- foot on this country. >> reporter: vincent brought his daughters from france. >> this is the river of america. it is a big part of new york. >> reporter: rob lores brings students from wales every year. >> last career, the students were absolutely gutted that they couldn't see it. so it's great to be able to see it this year. >> last year, they needed about $sphesm million in -- $77 million in repairs after the storm flooded the island with water. >> reporter: here, as many as 5,000 immigrants entered the u.s. every day
, business conservatives press for immigration action. leaders from roughly 400 states .escended on capitol hill they are taking aim at house republicans they think support a broad immigration overhaul including some sort of legal status for the 11 million immigrants in this country illegally. are warning president obama before the iraqi leader's visit. an influential group of senators sent a strongly worded letter 'srning that mr. maliki mismanagement of iraq he politics contributed to the surge of violence there. carl levin says he has a lot of to pull hiso do country together. he has not done a good job of it. is corker of tennessee quoted as saying what he has done is created a situation where the population is more excepting of what al qaeda is doing because of the lack of inclusiveness. herald -- front page encouraged to delay- flood premiums. it is introducing legislation to put off a heavy increase at an earlier law had put into motion. in the washington post, there is a picture of the diminishing support of the tea party. in "usa today, a look at the virginia governor's race at the
. >>> and "the wall street journal" said cookies tracking co >>> the biggest immigration find in american history. >> fbi insider john miller is here with us. >> norah and charlie, this is a story we brought a year and a half ago. a whistle-blower told us how a major tech company brought in workers to this company. why it may be a slap on the wrist. >>> superstorm sandy's smallest survivors. newborns carried nine stories after a hospital lost power. our dr. jon lapook is there. >>> plus is google trying to make a splash. the mystery barge some believe it signals an announcement from silicon valley. the news is back here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. are you ready grandma? just a second, sweetie. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pai
out and gave remarks about immigration reform, how he wants it to appear. the cameras went from the hearing, covering the president, everyone went back to the hearing. did that work? >> president obama is trying to change the subject. he's trying to shift to political ground that he thinks is more favorable to him and to the democratic party. frankly, it's not working. >> there is a fight that has broken out among liberal commentators. joan chided to her fellow liberals who has been critical of the rollout, the headlines was liberal pundit failed, rush to attack obama site only aids unhinged right. what do you make of the fact that some liberals are saying other liberals are muting their system? >> you have no credibility if you do that. she also attacked ryan liz of the new yorker. ryan and ezra cline are not liberal pundits. they're journalists. they may be liberal people, but they're journalists. >> they're very good journalists who do a lot of reporting. >> their credibility is on the line and they can't just lie to people. you would have to lie in that situation. i am one o
. here, the registry hall, as many as 5,000 immigrants entered the united states every day. now, about that many tourists visit every day. some of the benches of more more than 100 years old. >> reporter: while buildings are fixed and upgraded. the 27-acre property is expected to be fully restored early next year. alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> today is also the 120th birthday of the statue of liberty. >>> it was a big success for the making strides for breast cancer walk this weekend. 6,000 people came out to walk around lake montebello yesterday, including many breast cancer survivors. the american cancer society walk raised more than $300,000. the money will be used for research and will support money for breast programs for patients. wjz is proud to be a sponsor of making strides for breast cancer. >> and we have a whole group of our staff members who were there. and they are back in the newsroom now with their pink caps. >>> straight ahead. put the remote down and turn off the video games. latest recommendations on how much time children should be glued to their screens.
immigrants to vote and offer same-day registration. >> as many as three people are in custody after tense moments at central connecticut state university. students reported seeing a man wearing a mask and camouflage pants with a gun walking around campus. school officials did call for a lockdown and told students to stay away from doors and windows. that lockdown has been lifted, but classes have been canceled for the day. >> police are looking for suspects in a deadly stabbing at gas station. it happened near central avenue in capital heights last night. investigators first there was a fight and that have, the two victims got into a car and drove to meadow way. that's where the first victim died. a second man who was stabbed should be okay. so far, police have no motive in this case. >>> is being taken offline daily between 1 and a 5 in the morning for repairs. rush to get the website working better. a congressional committee released administration meeting notes explaning the paper applications end up in the same place for processing. danielle nottingham reports from th
" -- that comes as the president is slated to to meet with republicans at the white house on immigration today. that is the latest on immigration. pam from montclair, virginia, what are your thoughts he e -- what are your thoughts? i think she is being disingenuous if she does not know she is being tapped. we still occupy germany. military in the late 70's and early 80's. were all very afraid at that time that germany -- afraid of a united germany am a is what we have now. continue, what does that mean for today? caller: i would expect people are still fearful of a united germany. the presidents disavowing any knowledge, that is what politicians do. that is what they did in the bush administration. i feel like we have more than enough intelligence to protect ourselves. we knew that 9/11 was going to happen. we have only seen an increase of the buildup of military installations and the spying. continue with your phone calls about the nsa spying program. mike conaway, a republican from texas and a member of the intelligence committee would be here to answer your questions about today's hearing o
congress to debate immigration reform. the u.s. chambers of commerce is hosting a forum on immigration reform. high-tech representatives from silicon valley's immation advocacy group are also at the event. the president wants congress to pass immigration reform before the end of the year. also syrian hackers claim they hacked president obama's twitter account. yesterday, two links posted on the president's account redirected users to sites that support syrian president assad. the group syrian electronic army, well, they've hacked into several prominent websites including why the the new york times." -- including "the new york times." >>> we're getting a look into a nursing home where more than a dozen people were allegedly abandoned and we're getting more information about what the owner said she was trying to do of about the facility was shut down. on saturday, mare medics lee moved -- paramedics removed 14 people from the home after someone called for an ambulance. there were three staff members on duty. neighbors say the conditions there have been bad for years. >> the facility and
of maryland medical system. the son of immigrants from cuba who made sacrifices for their children's education, rodriguez studied hard. he has specialties in plastic and reconstructive surgery, cranial facial surgery, oral surgery, as well as microsurgery, which meant he was uniquely qualified to treat richard's injuries. >> when you're missing the upper and lower lip, it's a very difficult area to recreate. so we could have done surgery on him forever. he never would have looked normal or would have functioned normal. >> reporter: dr. rodriguez realized what richard needed was something that had never been done before, a full face transplant. the doctor had heard about the first partial face transplant carried out in france in 2005. and at the same time, the department of defense was funding research to advance the treatment of severely injured u.s. troops returning from the wars in afghanistan and iraq. rodriguez secured that research funding which would be used to treat richard. what was it about richard's injuries that made him perfect for trying to create the kind of science needed? >> th
. >> here on ellis island's registry hall as many as 5,000 immigrants enter the u.s. every day. now about that many tourists visit. most of the tourists return to ellis island for the first time since superstorm sandy slammed the historic site last october. >>> tonight we are standing by to hear what happened inside the d.c. courtroom where chris brown is making his first court appearance. the singer is accused of beating up a machine outside the w hotel on 15th -- a man outside the w hotel on 15th street over the weekend of our bruce johnson is live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: that felony saw charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor. so it's all but certain that at some point in time this evening 24-year-old chris brown, the multi-millionaire superstar singer, will be released from here at d.c. superior court. he and his 35-year-old bodyguard both awaiting arraignment. earlier we captured video of his mother, a lot of family members and fans arriving here at superior cou
the recovery and those who say they feel forgotten. and the largest immigration fraud find in u.s. history. that's expected this week. john miller on the future for tech giant infosys and the man who blew the whistle. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. i was just reading a story in the journal about pediatricians, new limits on tv, internet and cell phone use for our kids. not supposed to be watching tv after dinner time which i know we do at home. new recommend decisions from our pediatricians. >> they had a limit of two hours. we were talking about that before. >> we never had tvs in the room. now it's a different thing. what's wrong with that? >> a quick congrat laces to -- congratulations to your hubby, chef jeff finished the marathon. >> thank you so much. it was exciting to see them good have a good show. >>> long time supporters of some of the most controversial nsa programs are outraged at the revelations about the latest surveillance operation that's now being made public. >> now the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee wants answers. susan mcginnis
. it is a bipartisan organization. issues as itjor relates to fiscal issues, immigration recently, health issues -- a number of issues we bring together. a lot of former members of commons -- we find some reason to come together that divide the country. worked as aoagland former republican staff director for the senate budget committee from 1986-2003. he is here to answer your questions on this subject of the budget conference. from eugene, lee oregon, on our line for democrats. caller: thank you very much. i have always appreciated the work of the bipartisan policy center. say that in this tragic time right now, moderates in both parties are not being heard. suggesting to are the leaders -- i know this specifically because i contacted patty murray's office for different times this year. i have yet to get a response at all from anything. i have sent suggestions. offers of how -- people on disability like myself could gain more respect publicly by taking a little less of the gift that the american people time,o us and at the same realize that the social security disability part of social weurity
these were some of oprah's favorite things adds value to the price. this steamer trunk which immigrants use coming to america is now bidding at close to $1,000 simply because oprah stored her sweaters inside. this is from the 1940s and changes into a captain's desk. some items are expected to fetch up to $50,000. a louis xvi desk. >> this is another item i had to twist her arm to get her to part with. she loved this particular piece of furniture. >> this chest. tell me about it. >> 18th century louis the xvi. >> how much do you think lit bring? >> $8,000. >> i think i should keep that. i think i should keep it. >> nobody can bid on this. this is oprah's. >> i think i should have this. i'm going to put this away. when am i going to look like this again? don't even try to buy it. >> no. >> that's right. that's out. >> reporter: oprah wants everybody to know everybody can bid online. the proceeds will go to her girls, the program she started in 2007. >> when you come to see me a year from now, i'm going to have a house that feels like pajamas. >> i like that. i'm waiting
costs down. we can work together to support education, research, infrastructure, immigration reform, yes, even pass the farm bill. we can work together to reform important programs like medicare or social security so that we can preserve and protect them for future generations while balancing our budget and controlling spending. mr. speaker, today our economy may be stagnant but our optimism and determination have never been greater. let's work together to renew the prosperity and opportunity for all americans in our great nation. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? >> unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized. or a mr. speaker, october's domestic violence awareness month. unconscionably domestic violence has reached pandemic proportions affecting one out of every three women in the united states. as an emergency medicine doctor, i have witnessed firsthand the devast
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)